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Our own learning journeys. Our reflections on what we are trying to learn and how we are trying to learn it.

Sprechen sie mobile? Language learning with Duolingo

Lunch times at Netskills took on a slightly more cosmoplitan flavour last week. We’d collectively stumbled across Duolingo, a novel language-learning app, so conversations were peppered with people randomly blurting out sentences in various European languages followed by a confirmatory “ding!”. I chose to learn German, mostly because I think it’s a fascinating language that … Read more

A sense of drama in the team

There’s more to a team than a group of individuals. In this post Rob reflects on the personal and professional development work he’s being doing with the Netskills team. In particular, he considers how the some of the more innovative sessions have used a drama-based learning approach to allow staff to practise ‘difficult’ conversations with fictitious characters. Read more