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A peek behind the scenes at Netskills. Rants, musings, confessions and trivia.

Telling our story at the International Digital Storytelling Conference

Chris was speaking at Create Act Change, the International Digital Storytelling conference in Turkey recently about the work that Netskills has been doing with Jisc-funded projects. Here reflects on how the experience affected his views on storytelling and what it was like to participate in a new community of practice. Read more

Pi Day Live – 45 minutes in the oven

Pi Day Live was 45 mins of high-pressure live event activity that we’re all still talking about and buzzing from. It was an innovative online format that was challenging to support, but that we are proud of helping to make a success. So much so that we’ve made a special “Netskills uncut” story about our part in the day that you can watch here. Read more

Behind the themes – designing and developing Netskills Voices

While WordPress makes it easy to get a site up and running, we wanted Netskills voices to be more than “just another WordPress site.” We thought we’d share some of our thinking about the design with you here, as well as the technical details of how it was implemented. We got Steve to write the post as he’s the WordPress geek who’s been in the shed working on this and we thought it was about time we let him out. Read more