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Highlighting things that work well (and one or two that don’t) and why. Communication, web design and technology enhanced learning.

[Video] Dave White keynote: Teaching how to learn or providing what to learn?

A few weeks ago, Oxford University learning technology expert Dave White sacrificed a Saturday lie-in to deliver a virtual keynote presentation at an event we were supporting. Outlining his thoughts on MOOCs in relation to his research on digital visitors and residents, Dave examined the role of higher education online. Read more

Get started with WordPress

We just added some of the training resources we use to support our WordPress training to Share, our content repository, for you to take, use and remix for free. Here Steve explains a little about how these materials will help you understand the potential of WordPress and how to get started with running your own installation. Read more

“Going Dragon Hunting” – helping projects tell their stories

Chris describes some recent workshops Netskills has run on storytelling techniques for project dissemination. Stories can be a powerful way for research projects to communicate more widely and accessibly what impact they have had on their institutions. The workshop aims to help teams to think about their work in narrative terms. But where do dragons come into it? Read more

According to Plan – a tool to help you plan and run events in Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate Plan lets you create a structured session plan in advance of a live event in Collaborate. This will save you time uploading content and configuring the system so that you can spend it helping people learn. Here Steve describes how Plan works and how we use it to make our online workshops run more smoothly. Read more

My Favourite Game

After launching Netskills Voices, we were pleased to see people adding the site to their favourites. However, we were less pleased to see that the icon representing the site was sometimes less than pretty. That was because we didn’t have quite the right combination of ‘favicons’ in place. In this post, Steve explains how we put that right. Read more

Collaborating in Pi Day Live

This Pi Day, we’re helping Oxford University run a free, live online event with the ambitious aim of helping participants to rediscover “one of the most important and beautiful numbers in the universe.” Pi Day Live will feature Professor Marcus du Sautoy, who will explain the significance of Pi and help participants try some ancient techniques to derive its value. Here Steve explains how we’re helping facilitate this through Blackboard Collaborate. Read more