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About Steve Boneham

Learning technologist at Jisc Netskills. Interested in WordPress, digital storytelling, augmented reality and all things digital in education. I also manage Jisc Involve.

Pi Day Live – 45 minutes in the oven

Pi Day Live was 45 mins of high-pressure live event activity that we’re all still talking about and buzzing from. It was an innovative online format that was challenging to support, but that we are proud of helping to make a success. So much so that we’ve made a special “Netskills uncut” story about our part in the day that you can watch here. Read more

My Favourite Game

After launching Netskills Voices, we were pleased to see people adding the site to their favourites. However, we were less pleased to see that the icon representing the site was sometimes less than pretty. That was because we didn’t have quite the right combination of ‘favicons’ in place. In this post, Steve explains how we put that right. Read more

Collaborating in Pi Day Live

This Pi Day, we’re helping Oxford University run a free, live online event with the ambitious aim of helping participants to rediscover “one of the most important and beautiful numbers in the universe.” Pi Day Live will feature Professor Marcus du Sautoy, who will explain the significance of Pi and help participants try some ancient techniques to derive its value. Here Steve explains how we’re helping facilitate this through Blackboard Collaborate. Read more

Behind the themes – designing and developing Netskills Voices

While WordPress makes it easy to get a site up and running, we wanted Netskills voices to be more than “just another WordPress site.” We thought we’d share some of our thinking about the design with you here, as well as the technical details of how it was implemented. We got Steve to write the post as he’s the WordPress geek who’s been in the shed working on this and we thought it was about time we let him out. Read more