“And so we face the final curtain…”

farewell netskills

Netskills 1995-2014. (Image: Carl Vincent)

With apologies to Frank (Sinatra, not Sidebottom), I write the final blog post from Netskills Towers.

It’s unlikely to be news by now, but Jisc Netskills is drawing to a close after a gnat’s crotchet short of 20 years (depending on when you think the clock started ticking). Right now there are 3 of us left in an eerily quiet office, tidying up loose ends and gearing up for Christmas.

I’m trying to decide what to do with the tiny pot of jam that’s been sitting in my top drawer since about 2011.

From a personal perspective I’ll need a bit of time to reflect on what the last few years have meant to me (SPOILER: a lot!) but it seemed wrong to leave our blog with nothing to mark the occasion.

So, thanks to everyone who has ever worked at or with Netskills, come on a workshop, used our materials, popped in for coffee, favourited one of our tweets or has had dealings with us in one way or another.

It was a pleasure to serve.