Welcome to #IWMW14! Netskills team all set to host edu web conference of the year

For the past few days, we’ve been signing for deliveries, opening various boxes excitedly (we take pleasure in little things), printing off signage, confirming menus and room numbers and making numerous lists. It’s the final leg of preparations for this year’s IWMW.

IWMW spider logoFor those not familiar with the acronym – which has inspired the now legendary (well, in our circles anyway) spider logo – it stands for Institutional Web Management Workshop.

It’s an event that brings together people working with institutional web systems across the education sector. In its 17 years, it has developed a strong, tight-knit community around it and has a unique quality of being a large conference with a very practical and informal feel about it.

The official conference website will tell you more about the talks and sessions as well as the background of the event. The theme this year, ‘Rebooting the Web’, will challenge the audience to look beyond traditional approaches in providing institutional web services.

Netskills has been a part of the IWMW community for years but this year we’ve taken a different role – co-organising the conference with Brian Kelly from Cetis. Brian, who is the founder and the face of IWMW, used to work for Netskills in the 90s and we’ve kept in touch with him ever since.

From Netskills, we’ve got a team of six supporting Brian.

Netskills team supporting IWMW with Brian Kelly.

Steve Boneham (3rd from left) is the main man in charge with Brian Kelly (middle). Phil Swinhoe (far right) has got all the logistics and admin side of things for the 2 ½ days in hand. As for the rest of us – me, (next to Phil) Dan Etherington (far left) and Christina Hunter (middle) – we’ll man the registration desk and act as general runners for the event while Dave Hartland (2nd from left) will oversee that everything goes to plan.

As well as managing the operations side of things, other Netskills staff will be around as attendees and we in the conference team are hoping to get a chance to hear some of the talks too.

We’re really excited to welcome nearly 130 attendees from all over the country and show them around our home city.

If you’re on Twitter, follow the conversations (and chip in!) by using #iwmw14

If you’re attending and want to get in touch with any of us – we’re all on Twitter (just click our names above).