From Nigeria to Netskills – staff development across continents

Jambo workshop attendees

This week, at the Netskills headquarters, we’ve had visitors from further away than possibly ever before.

A cheery group of 31 educational IT staff from Nigeria have travelled across to the blustery North East to broaden their knowledge of contemporary online applications.

They’re learning pretty much everything from setting up and configuring servers to designing websites so it’ll be a pretty hectic eight days!

Back in Nigeria, the plan is to turn the new skills into practice by building and setting up new online assessment systems.

The workshop was arranged by the new CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Manager for Newcastle University, who, given our fitting remit for staff development, training and technology, asked us to be involved.

So we called on the technical expertise of our long-time training collaborators George Munroe and Christine Cahoon. They’re leading the group and the rest of us are chipping in to run sessions and lend a helping hand in general. Our admin team have also been invaluable in organising rooms and practicalities on campus which is in full teaching mode at the same time.

My task, as ever, has been to take pictures. Lots of pictures! It has been refreshing to snap away among a group of people who actually like having their photo taken. Reserved English (and Finnish!) people take note!

Here are a few, more on our Flickr page.

jambo-workshop-netskills-5 jambo-workshop-netskills-7 jambo-workshop-netskills-2 jambo-workshop-netskills-4 jambo-workshop-netskills-3 jambo-workshop-netskills-6

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