Project to be proud of

Quick start guides for online diagnostic toolWorking with educational institutions, we’ve seen how difficult it can be to make real change happen.

So helping colleagues with a project that has achieved that on a large scale has been quite exciting.

Within Netskills, we host a small dedicated sub-team that works with Business and Community Engagement (BCE). They help universities and colleges do more with external businesses and the communities they are part of (the clue’s in the name really!).

New national framework

One of their biggest projects recently has been around Continuous Professional Development (CPD). The BCE team has co-led a project that has created the first ever national development framework for external engagement which covers all the different job roles within the education community that have a BCE aspect in them.

Helping out with comms and publicity materials, I’ve had a prime position to observe the good work. It’s not every day we get to be involved in a project that brings together nearly a hundred national stakeholders to create a pioneering national framework.

And that’s not all.

With the help from the Netskills team (Ant and Carl in particular in this case) the BCE team also developed an online tool making most of the framework instead of leaving it to gather dust.

It’s free to use and it has a cool self-assessment feature that people can use to identify what professional development they need in their specific role and identify relevant resources to improve their skills.

Netskills’ skills in action

The framework and tool were launched a year ago, but the work didn’t stop there. The BCE team have kept themselves busy with showcase workshops around the country, helping users to a) find out about the tool and b) make the most of it. They’ve been also collecting user feedback to develop the tool further making it even more relevant.

Other team members’ skills have also been put to use. Steve and Chris developed and produced a handy screencast for people to get started using the tool.

I designed a paper-based quick start guide as an alternative.

I’ve also been snapping away at the showcase workshops, creating materials for publicity. My main brief was to produce a short video that explains the project and features some initial comments from the users.

Now, if that sounds straightforward, you’re not familiar with the BCE world. Squeezing the essence of an ambitious three-year project into a 3-minute video isn’t the easiest thing to do.

This is my attempt.