Another slice of Pi

Few emails to our team mailing list go down as well as the ones sent by Lisa telling us she needs us to test another of her delicious cake recipes.

Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie (I was lucky to get a photo before it disappeared.)

Like this one we got today:

I’ve brought in a pecan pie for us to eat. You’re my guinea pigs actually – I’ve got another at home for Private Pie (a bit like cake club, but pie instead) – we’re meeting in a secret venue on Wednesday night.
Anyway, I’ll slice it for coffee time and if you want it warm, well you know where the microwave is 😛


PS- The theme is Films, so my pie is “The Pe(li)can Pie Brief”

By happy coincidence, we also had a visitor today who is no stranger to pi(e) – Dave White – who we helped run the Pi Day Live event recently.

Dave was visiting us to discuss an exciting new project we’re about to start working on together. Pecan pie with coffee certainly helped us get this off to a good start. We’re hoping it will be a regular feature of future meetings.

Seems like it went down pretty well with him too!