Policy for everything

Just like with social media, it’s important for any company to take a moment and write down policies for others things too.

This week we have solved a problem which has been nagging us pretty much since we moved to our current offices (erm… that would be about year and a half ago).

We finally have a microwave in the office kitchen!

It’s not that we’ve been lazy or ignoring the problem. It’s just the debate over the issues around it –  whether or not the smell will be an issue, who’s taking care of the cleaning, what if we have external customers using the training suite – have taken a little time solving.

And now, not only have we got a microwave but also, following a microwave meeting, a microwave policy in our wiki.

It’s pretty straightforward:

  1. Use only to warm edible products
  2. Don’t use the microwave if we have customers in
  3. Leave the microwave clean after using it

Feel free to copy the policy and adjust to your individual context.

Don’t let anything stand between you and a warm plate of food at lunch!