Milkgate – i.e. how to make a simple task complicated

Yes. We’ve had that office argument. We keep constantly running out of milk so who’s avoiding responsibility and not chipping in in getting any?

It’s been building up for a while now but this week the crisis reached a tipping point. Someone had placed a milk jug with only a tiniest drop left into the fridge at end of the day. Just that little amount which is not enough for a cuppa but enough to suggest there was SOMETHING left.

I’m sure you’ll all agree with us that that is just simply wrong. So the next morning, a grumpy email went around after an early-bird colleague had failed to have his first coffee of the day.

What followed was a team-building exercise like no other. Emails have been flying around and different rota arrangements have been printed on the kitchen wall. Everyone’s taken part in the debate – even the people who drink their coffee black.

We’re happy to tell you that the crisis is now over.

There’s an agreed rota up on the wall and this time we’ve taken the team approach instead of naming and shaming individuals. Every week, a small sub-group within the team is responsible for providing the milk. It’s up to them to get organised between themselves and keep up with the stock. This will be officially announced at our team meeting next Monday.

We know. This is completely over the top but these are big and important questions. Well, at least at 8am on a Monday morning they are.

And we don’t seem to be alone with this. Here’s another solution:

Photo by: Marijnvb/stock.xchng