The art and agony of screenwriting

We’ve had an ambition to make our approach to video production more professional for a while now.

Between us – a small, but enthusiastic group of three – we’ve been doing bits and bobs for years. We’re pretty good at filming basic stuff, interviewing people on camera and we can manage a few different editing software too.

What we struggle with – along with all the rest of the creative audio visual people, I guess – is the story.

So we’ve called in help.

A local freelance film producer Arto Polus agreed to start a project with us with an aim of creating something together and for us to learn along the way.

It all sounded really straightforward and we got off to a fun start with some simple storyboarding exercises. With external help, we even managed to breathe some sense and time constraints into the usually painful “how can we describe Netskills in a nutshell” discussion that normally spirals quickly out of control.

So it was all going smoothly. Right up until we were sat down together with a black document staring at us from the laptop screen.

First it was the lack of ideas. Then it was the sheer impossibility of making the ideas happen within our production budget (£0). And then it was us drowning in ideas and beginning to lose the thread at times.

Due to other work commitments, we had to call a short production break, the timing of which actually happened to be perfect.

After three intensive half-day sessions it’s nice to take a bit of distance and see if what we’ve come up with still makes sense when we re-convene.